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As specialists in electrical installations, we provide a modern, reliable service. Not only do we provide you with the latest technology, we also carry out your installation professionally and provide comprehensive and straightforward advice.


We explain everything you need to know clearly and make sure that we never baffle our customers with technical terms!


Our many years of experience and skilled staff guarantee high-quality workmanship and quick, professional customer service - both before and after the installation is complete.


Our specialists are more than happy to answer any questions and are always available to offer their expert advice.

The team

John Parker

Tel: 0771 3427639

E-mail: jparkermail@googlemail.com

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JP Electrical
1 Green Row Fold,


LS26 9BG


Tel: 0771 3427639

E-mail: john@jpelectricalleeds.co.uk


Emergency contact number

Outside office hours, please dial: 0771 3427639



Advice about business installations

Receive information from our staff concerning the planning and implementation of all electrical installations and maintenance.

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